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Hello, I`m Gundega!

Now 17 years old fangirl from Latvia, Eastern Europe. My main fandom is Merlin, but I also blog about Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel and other new acquainted and long befriended fandoms.

My OTPs are Merthur and Brolin. Beware. And be sure to talk to me!

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Trackname: I Forget Where We Were
artist: Ben Howard
album: I Forget Where We Were
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I Forget Where We Were | Ben Howard


New album ‘I Forget Where We Were’ released 20th October 2014. 
Pre-Order here now: 
UK & EIRE: Pre-order to get exclusive access to tickets to up-coming tour being announced imminently. 

Ben interrupted by a plane

Ben interrupted by a plane

Ben’s favorite animal


That’s all right honey, that’s all right with me

wickedevilsass whispered:
Oh yes, "Promise". I went and looked through his songs afterward. It was 1x10. We're having 1x15 this week and yes, she is back with Francis, you missed the Royal wedding :D (It wasn't that big anyway). It is a mess. Especially if you look closely at the way the main characters behave; in my opinion the writers are doing something right. But okay, we'll talk about it once you catch up. Maybe you'll see what I mean

And? Did you like his songs? I am a bit of a fan myself, though recently I try not to listen to his music - just for the sake of not getting too used to it, I guess. He was the first artists who incouraged me to actually buy myself a CD. :D

Yeah, that`s what I gathered from tumblr spoilers. Oh, well. I don`t really know when I`ll get the time to watch it (this week I`m supposed to learn some serious economic stuff…), but I`ll probably be right here, talking to you, when I`ll finally catch up.

Ugh, so many things to do, so many shows to watch! haven`t got time to watch Hannibal either. -_-


oh there ain’t no diamonds in the boredom
oh there ain’t no darkness that I fear
oh there ain’t no way to say I love you more, mama
so be clear, just to be clear
so be clear, be clear. (x)

please do not repost the gifs.


Okay, Maybe I haven`t written that yet, but usually I`m quite disturbed with modern music being played in costumes dramas.

But Ben Howard (my lovely, dear Ben Howard!) was on Reign and at first I kind of didn`t like it, but the scene was very moving (not only the ending, but the grave thing too) and I am now really glad they used Bens voice with that scene.

Sorry to spam about something like that, I just wanted to say that I am really happy. And thanks, Reign writers! ^____^


Picture found on Instagram


Picture found on Instagram

MERLIN Graphic Battle:   deanpendragon vs. multenis↳ Round 1: Lyrics

MERLIN Graphic Battle:  deanpendragon vs. multenis
↳ Round 1: Lyrics


Ben Howard performing “Depth Over Distance" on KCRW